Friday, February 20, 2009

Going to cancun!!

Collin and I are going to Cancun. We are so excited. I am a nerd though, because this whole time I thought we were leaving on the 21st. I was talking to Ashley weight, because that is who we are going with, any ways I was telling her how excited I was because we were leaving in one day. She looked at me like I was crazy, but we just kept talking. Then she was quiet for a minute and said, wait Whitney you know we are leaving on the 22 right. I was so sad I know it's only a day off but still, I was ready to go. I will let you know how the trip was when I get back.

Going to cancun!!

Monday, January 26, 2009


Blogging is hard. I forget about it. So sorry to every one who gets on to read it, and its the same thing for a month. I will try to be better. Now on a really random note. I was having a really bad day the other day. I was grumpy and nothing went right. I kept thinking poor me. Then I decided I was so sick of being such a downer. I work with this cute lady who is always happy. One day I asked her how is she always happy. She told me that every day before work she thinks of 5 different things that make her feel good. It puts her in a good mood. So I started thinking of things that make me happy. This is what I came up with.

1. Every morning Collin has to kiss me and tell me he loves me before he leaves work. Even when we are fighting and mad at each other.

2. I love getting fun stuff in the mail

3. Getting home from work and having a bag of chips and a dr. pepper.

4. Dinner at my moms on Thursday nights. Then watching the office.

5. Driving and hitting all the green lights.

6. taking a bath with collin to get my feet warm.

7. Having a really good hair day.

8. Watching AFV ( americas funniest home videos )

9. laughing so hard I cry.

10. getting lost in a good book.

11. The little marshmellows in hot chocolate.

12. goofing off.

13. When Collin cleans the house without me asking.

14. A really comfy bed.

15. finding money.

It really works to think of the good things in life. If you want to add on I love hearing what makes people happy. I also realize I am really cheesey. ha ha.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Salem pond

This is Salem pond. The best place in the world. Collin asked me to marry him at the pond on Christmas eve 3 years ago. I was so mad at him that night. Why you wonder, I will tell you the story. Every Christmas eve we go to my aunts house for dinner. We were just getting ready to eat when Collin's phone went off. So he walked out of the room to talk to who ever called. When he walked in I asked who he was talking to. He told me it was his mom and she needed him to run to walmart to get something for his brother. He said he had to leave now, and walked out. I just sat there trying to figure out what just happened. I knew he wasn't getting something for his brother. Collin isn't a very good liar. Well dinner started we all ate and cleaned up. Still no Collin. He missed the whole dinner. I called him and he didn't answerer. Where in the heck could he be I thought. The longer he was gone the more mad I got. Finally when we were getting ready to leave he came back. He knew I was mad. He walked in and whispered in my ear "we will go to the pond." I felt a little better because I love the pond it calms me down. So we went to the pond. Collin parked the car and got out and told me we should walk around. We walked to a table and he sat down and told me he had some thing to show me. He pulled out a cute photo album. He opened it and started showing me the pictures, and telling me about each one. It was so cute he had pictures in it from some of our first dates. He got to a picture of just the pond, and said "this is the place where I asked you to marry me." he pulled out a ring and told me he loved me. I just started sobbing and I told him I loved him, and I would love to be his wife. I found out that the reason Collin left dinner was because he had to go pick up my ring. He designed the ring himself , and the jeweler just finished the ring that day. Collin was so excited about it he had to get it that night. He cant keep secrets. He is so cute.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

This weekend was so fun. We went to Alicia and Kent's house. She is so cute, she made dinner, and we made our cute ginger bread houses. We had so much fun. Seriously making ginger bread houses never gets old.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tater, & Daisy oh how cute!